“Empowering Rental Agents to charge for minor damage”

In order to increase revenue and build up the bottom line, VERC Car Rental of Massachusetts has implemented a new program which empowers the rental agent to charge the customer for minor damage while the car was in his possession during the rental period.

VERC Car Rental noticed thousands of dollars being “left on the table” and lost at the time of re-sale, so this new program will allow the rental agent to collect “on the spot”. To encourage the rental agent to notice the damage and make the charge, we have offered a $25 incentive for any damage charged.

With the use of DAMAGEiD, a mobile device software available for Apple and Android devices, the rental agent has indisputable evidence of the vehicle’s condition before and after the rental transaction. This authority supports the agent when pointing out the new damage to the customer. We have implemented a “Short List” of possible minor damages ranging from flat tire to windshield crack to cigarette burn, which adds a price to the damage in question.

Check out DAMageiD.com to try this strategy at your location.